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By accessing, downloading, installing, or using the bkayina.com, whether or not you become a registered user (“User”, “You”, “Yourself”, “Your”), You agree to be bound by these Terms, as they may be amended by BKayina (“Company”) from time to time, which You acknowledge that You have read and understood. For the sake of brevity, any such person as described hereinabove shall hereinafter be referred to as “Student” and any of the courses offered by the Company, as referred to above, shall hereinafter be referred to as “Course”.

We reserve the right, at Our sole discretion, to change, modify or otherwise alter these Terms at any time. You must review these Terms by clicking the link “Terms & Conditions”  on a regular basis to keep Yourself informed of any changes.


Company respects your privacy and permits you to control the treatment of your personal information.  A complete statement of Company’s current privacy policy can be found by clicking the “Privacy” link at the bottom of the page. Company’s privacy policy is expressly incorporated into this Agreement by this reference.


  • The fee for all Course(s) is non-refundable under any circumstance. No request for refund of fee shall be entertained by the Company at any of its centres.
  • The fee and availability of any Course is subject to change at the sole discretion of the Company, without prior notice to Student.
  • The Student agrees to make full payment of the fee for a Course prior to the commencement of the Course or make payment at least half payment of the total fee in advance, i.e., prior to the commencement of the Course, and the remaining payment after four classes. Further, in case a student avails the Course online, all fee must be paid prior to the commencement of the Course. In the event that the fee is not paid within the given timeline, the admission of the Student shall immediately be withdrawn. It is understood that no refund of fees shall be made in any circumstance.
  • In the event that an incorrect fee is charged for a Course, irrespective of whether payment has been completed, the particular Student in question shall be notified of the correct price and thereon, the differential in amount due to the Company shall be immediately paid by the Student, failing which, the admission/enrolment of such Student shall stand cancelled. No refund shall be provided to the Student against the fee paid.
  • The Company shall not entertain any request by Student or on behalf of Student or by his/ her parents/ guardian to cancel admission to a Course or to refund the fee.
  • The Student understands that payment made for admission to a Course in the name of a particular Student shall only be availed by that Student. Thus, registration/admission on payment shall be non-transferrable in the name of any other Student.
  • In case of any change in tax rate (such as service tax, GST etc.), the additional amount of tax shall be borne by the Student from the date of levy of the increased tax.


  • In the event of any war, riot, commotion, terrorist attack, electrical mishap, earthquake, lightning, floods, thunderstorm or other such act of God or any other event that is beyond the control of the Company, the Company shall not be liable for any non-performance of its obligation(s) or non-delivery or delay in provision of Service. Further, in such an event, as described above, the Company shall not be liable for any delay or non-delivery by its vendor(s) or third party contractor(s).
  • The Company will not be responsible or liable for any damage suffered by the Student from the use of the facilities provided by the Company at any of its centres. This, without limitation, includes loss of data resulting from delays, non-deliveries, missed deliveries, or service interruptions as may occur because of any act/ omission of the vendor/internet provider/any other service provider. This disclaimer of liability also applies to any damages or injury caused by any failure of performance, error, omission, interruption, deletion, defect, delay in operation or transmission, computer virus, communication line failure, theft or destruction or unauthorized access to, alteration of, or use of record.


  • The Student agrees to use the content/ material of the Course, as available online or offline, for his/her own knowledge and lawful purpose only. The use of the content/ material of the Course for any unlawful purpose or illegal activity or with an unlawful ulterior motive is prohibited. Any action or claim with respect to such unauthorized and/or illegal use shall be the liability of the Student and not of the Company.
  • The Company, its representatives, affiliates, employees, agents, consultants or contracted agencies/individuals/companies make no warranties of any kind, whether expressed or implied, with respect to the Course or as to the results that may be obtained in pursuance to the Course.
  • The Student and his/ her parent/guardian shall not disclose or misuse the data, information, system of study etc. gained during the conduct of Course including but not limited to data of Students and faculty, if any, to any other person/ entity/organization which is in a similar field as that of the Company.


  • A Student shall not be allowed to transfer to another centre of the Company.
  • The Student shall not ordinarily be allowed to change the Course already enrolled in or batch allotted to him/ her without prior approval of the Company, which may be refused or given at its sole discretion, and which shall be granted upon submission of legitimate reason by the Student.


  • To provide, promote and improve our services, we need you to give us legal permissions to use your picture, videos, resume information, placement information and data generated by your LMS activity and during class lectures.
  • You grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, and worldwide license to host, use, distribute, modify, run, copy, publicly perform or display, translate, and create derivative works of your content or where you are a part of the content .


  • The Company reserves the right to add, delete, alter or modify these terms and conditions at any point of time and the modified terms and conditions will apply to the Student.
  • These terms and conditions shall supersede all previous understanding or agreement between yourself and the Company (or its centre).
  • The Company reserves the right to make any alteration in its programs/venue/timing and days of classes without any prior notice to anybody. The decision of the Company will be final and binding on the Students.
  • The Student understands that absolute decorum and discipline has to be maintained in the premises of the centre. Any violent, irregular or rowdy behaviour may lead to cancellation of the admission of the Student.
  • The Company may provide back-up classes, as per its convenience, only for three missed classes. The Student understands that he/she is solely responsible for ensuring he/she attends the classes regularly.
  • If the Student loses/misplaces any content/material provided by the Company, he/she may take new material on payment of an amount as determined by the Company.
  • The Student agrees to provide genuine, authentic and true information to the Company at any of its centres. The Company or the centre reserves the right to confirm and validate the information and other details provided by the Student at any point of time. If upon confirmation, any detail provided is found to be untrue (wholly or partly), the Company has the sole right to cancel the admission of the said Student without any prior intimation to the Student.
  • The Student understands and agrees that the Company does not promise any placement or job offer pursuant to the completion of the Course. The Student shall be eligible for placements, if any being offered, only on satisfying conditions set forth by the company.
  • The Student understands that he/ she will said to have successfully completed the Course chosen and a certificate shall be issued by the Company only when the Student obtains at least: a) 80% attendence in the class; and b) 80% in the final assessment.
  • The Student understands and acknowledges that admission to a Course offered by the Company is for and only for himself/ herself and cannot, in any circumstance, be transferred to any other person/ entity.
  • The Student agrees that he/she is taking admission to the Course after having thoroughly personally verifying and satisfying himself/herself about the Course, its validity, effectiveness etc. Therefore, the Student shall not hold the Company or any of its employee/ agent/ consultant/ franchisee responsible for any issues/disputes arising out of inadvertent/unintentional omission or commission in this regard.
  • The Company reserves the right to use the photograph and/or any other detail of the Student for publicity in case the student secures position/success in any examination or career in the field of digital marketing.
  • The Student shall take care of himself/ herself and shall remain responsible for his/ her safety within the premises of any centre of the Company. The Student and his/ her parent/guardian hereby indemnify the Company of any mishap, if any, within or outside the premises of any centre of the Company.
  • The Student shall be liable to pay compensation and damages for any damage to the property of the Company or its franchisee at any of its centres.
  • The Student shall promptly intimate the Company and the centre where he/she is registered, of any change in his/her correspondence address or email address or phone number, through a written application quoting his/her name and roll number allotted.
  • In case any Student/ parent/ guardian misbehaves with any staff member(s) of the Company or centre, the Company is at liberty to cancel the admission of the Student and no representation/claim to retain such Student will be entertained.
  • The Company may deny admission to any Student without assigning any reason for the same.
  • A breach or violation of any of the herein mentioned terms and conditions will lead to cancellation of the admission of the Student and will entitle the Company to claim any damages/ expenses incurred, if any, due to such violation and subsequent cancellation procedures, from the Student and/ or his/ her parent/ guardian.
  • In case of any dispute, arising out of the herein contained terms and conditions, the courts in India shall have jurisdiction to decide any dispute.


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